Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why do women play hard to get?

Dear Shayla,

       I don't know if there's something wrong with me, but I get extremely angry when a woman is interested in me but she plays hard to get. Why do women do that?
Why can't they just throw themselves at you if they are genuinely interested. It would make life less complicated. Right?  I'm not trying to be judgmental. I just want the truth.

Dear Man Who Wants to Be Chased,

          Call me old fashion, but I think it is nice for a women to recieve chivalry and be courted by a man. It seems to me that men have been so spoiled and want things to come so easy without doing the hard work.
It's true that some girls play games and take advantage of a man, but then again, men do the same thing to women. Women want you to put the effort in getting her. If everything came so easy then you wouldn't appreciate her the way she deserves, then eventually you will treat her badly because you didn't cherish what you have. Yes, life would be easier and less complicated for you if they "threw themselves at you" but eventually you would get bored and the relationship probably wouldn't last.  So don't get angry about it, just do something about it. If you really really like her and want her to be yours, then it is YOUR job to win her heart. Not hers to win yours. If she is one of those girls that are playing games, then just move on until you find the right girl for you. This is what dating is about. To get a feel for who they are and move on if they are not right. When two people who are into each other and it just clicks, there shouldn't be any games. You just know.