Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Shayla

I'm 23 and have my own car and job. I'm an honest person who actually wants a relationship. Yet I've been burned twice this year by two players. I'm so sick and tired of being used. One guy cheated on me and dumped me by text message. The other guy said he wanted a relationship with me, but after we hooked up, he dumped me saying he wasn't ready for a relationship. I've been asked out by other guys, only to find out that they have wives or girlfriends. Why don't guys actually appreciate a genuine woman? Do I have a sign on my back? I'm losing hope of ever meeting someone nice.

Dear Genuine Woman,

         It seems like now adays everywhere you turn there are douchbags and jerks roaming the earth. It doesn't help that shows like Jersey Shore and artist like Kanye West glamorize this new breed. Bad boys are former nice boys who's had their heartbroken by a girl. They learn growing up that to get the girl you have to treat them bad. In a way, it's kind of us girls fault for treating nice boys bad and being attracted to the bad ones. Afterall, the "nice" guys seems so boring compared to the "bad " ones that seems so fun and exciting. What it comes down to is you are probably attracted to these players because you find it a challenge to tame them. You say you want a nice guy, but when one approaches you, do you give them a chance? or do you ignore them? I think us girls want a nice guy who will challenge us because too nice is very annoying.

 Don't lose hope because there are definitely still plenty of great guys out there. Yes, they are hard to find because most are gay and the other is married. Still, it's like a needle in a haystack and you should keep searching til you find a match. The key is to drop the bad boys the minute they show you their true colors instead of waiting around to get hurt. So to answer your question, you do not have a sign on your back. Just pay attention to the type of guys you are attracted to. Don't give up and when you find one, don't let him go because he is a part of a dying breed.