Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dear Shayla,

I am a grown man who have the biggest crush on a celebrity friend of yours.  I wake up thinking about her.  I go to sleep thinking about her.  What should I do ?

Dear Obsessed,

         You have to figure out why you are having these feeling towards someone you barely know. Does she remind you of a past love that gotten away? Did she perform a song that melted your heart and you believe she was singing just to you? It could be something as simple as a smile that ignited good memories of the past.
Whatever the case, you have to see that this celebrity ignited something inside of you that makes you feel good. In this celebrity obsessed world, we usually form an opinion of someone may it be love or hate based on what we see and not what is real. These emotions may feel real to you, but your mind does control your heart. The truth is you know nothing about this person and everything you created is inside your head. She represents this dream girl so of course she is perfect. The truth is it's not her you really love, just the idea. There are many celebrities I've met who are just plain horrible evil people. I've seen fans swoon and cry over them, and I think to myself..."Wow! this is a sucky person you are worshipping. If you really knew them, would you still feel the same way?"  So it's okay to admire what they do and appreciate their work, but it's not healthy to be obsessive over it. In this day and age, anybody can be famous just by being on tv. Kardashian, Hilton, Real Housewives of America. Jersey Shore. What talent do these people really have? They are normal people like everybody else and their shit do not smell like roses. We the public are just brainwashed into thinking that it does.