Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Love with Married Man

Dear Shayla,

i just broken up with my ex bf for 5yrs.then I met a man who made me at first we met on online and said he was single.he lied..he is married. We are madly in love with each other.he told me that he will divorce his wife. I pressured him to divorce his wife. He said he is having a hard time because his wife doesnt want to divorce him.his wife only wants a higher alimony. Now i have not heard from him 2 weeks already.


Dear Worried,

          This is what happens when you get involved with a married man.  He will lie to his wife to be with you so you should expect him to do the same thing to you. Him "telling" you that he will leave his wife is one thing, but him, not contacting you for two weeks proves another. LOOK AT HIS ACTIONS.   I understand you feel like you need an explanation or closure but the truth is that this relationship was built on lies.  I'm guessing that his wife found out about the relationship and gave him an ultimatum to cut all contact with you. If he really love you like you say, he would have left his wife by now. Take the no contact as a sign that he's picked his wife and want to end the affair.
Whatever the case, you need to forget about him and move on with your life.  Before you jump in another relationship take some time to think about why you are attracted to unavailable/married men.