Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Status

Dear Shayla,

I am bothered that my boyfriend does not post his facebook status on his page. Its been a long time now since we've been together but he still acts like he doesn't know it. I haven't done anything to him at all so what does this mean? Everbody posts in a relationship but us!

Dear In a Relationship,

          I've been told that Facebook have broken many marraiges and relationships. I believe this rumor to be true. All over a little section that tells the world your relationship status. If your boyfriend doesn't want to tell strangers he's with you, then that's his prerogative. He might be a private person that doesn't feel the need to tell the world . As long as he shows you and treats you right, then it doesn't matter what he post to  the online world. Now, if he acts like he doesn't know you in real life, then it wouldn't matter what he post on Facebook. He could put "in a relationship" with you but act like he's single in real life, then I'm sure you would be bothered too.
My point is, you want him to acknowledge that you are together. The thing is, it doesn't matter where or who he tells. It's how he shows it or what he does to determine if he is in fact your boyfriend or not. If you feel you are not being respected, then you need to address this issue with him.